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STAR CREST is accepting new candidates for our Ambassadorship program. We are searching for driving enthusiasm in building comradery with sky brothers and sisters. Capturing the spirit of what STAR CREST is all about: having fun, paying it forward to jumpers with less experience as well as pushing personal boundaries to earn advanced awards with teammates.


The official duties: organizing SCR loads, moderating the ceremony and putting the capital F in Fun! It's not a monetary position as the reward is paying it forward and creating priceless memories with your fellow comrades!


If you are a jump loader that has already been completing the SCR ambassador duties unofficially then let's make it official! As part of the ambassadorship program all SCR awards earned are complimentary. For more information on jumping on board to push the momentum of this legendary driving force:

(661) 831-7771 


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Donna Wardean Dann (right) SCR#26, SCS #53, NSCR #2394 & Dick Gernand (left)

Meet our Ambassadors

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Chris Schilpp 

SCR #4370, SCS #2300

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1) My Home, and my favorite DZ  is Skydive Perris.Dan BC and the Conatsers Rocks!


2) I started skydiving on March 9, 1974 At Borderland Air sports, Otay, California. Jim MacDonald was my first instructer.


3) I was inspired to jump by a guy I met and moved in with,and later married. A cutie sporting a leg cast from a broken ankle. (those darn round canopies).


4) My Most memorable jump was at The World Meet at Z Hill, Oct. 1981...I went out late and had the last Back-shot into a 24 way Cluster (all bi-poles) and right after I entered we went through a cloud...O>M>G> Bam!Whoooooo Hoooooooo 


5) I wish I could jump with my Lil Sis Kellie Infante...we lost her last July from medical issues. So Sucked.


6) Advice I always give the Newbie, is AWARENESS in th air...head on a swivel in the air And landing.Safety ALWAYS comes to follow. This is also the same advice I was given as a student.


7) My Theme song is Jump by the Pointer Sisters.


8) My occupation is a nurse, with  the last 30 years at UCI Womans Health. I'm a strong supporter of women.


9) I am married now, for the last 30 years, and like my first Hzbnd, My 2nd Hzbnd is all for my skydiving. 


10) One of the most interesting things I've done is lived in Iran in 1976-77, did a demo, Bicentennial 1976, and some bandit jumps out of a Cobra Helicopter. And being a woman doing that was a Big deal at that time there.I also made my first Strato Star jump there too. The ground is verrry hard!


11) I also learned some Farsi...still remember some of it too!


12) My best personal accomplishment is being an ambassador for WSCR, Helping Nancy Gruttman, getting Women into the History of Skydiving, and Now helping SCR by being their ambassador, and doing the same. Goals we will always remember. Case of Beer!!


13) I would love to be remembered for my love and passion for this incredible sport and the Family I inherited with the sport.I so love them all.


14) If  I was a super Hero, I'd be Super Woman, so I could Fly! (and land so much better!) lol


15) In my days I did a lot of organizing of Womans dives, encouraging us to be better and bigger. I have the ability to read ppl and I strive to bring out their own strengths. I love being a Big Sis to the women coming into this sport.


16) My family loves that I skydive, my brother drives Hydro speed boats. Speed must be in our genes. Thanks Mom & Dad.


17) I did take a 10 year hiatus from skydiving, (last jump 11/16/2001). I also played hard-core softball, and wore out my knees. Multiple scopes/surgeries on my knees caused  a lot of pain and kept  me off the field and out of the sky. So in 2010 I had both my knees replaced...My comeback jump was just 2 years after my knee replacements on 1/21/2012. She's back!! I am part of an organization called SRA. Skydiver resurrection award, for ppl who left the sport and came back after a 10 year leave.


18) I was grounder Once...Gary Douris looked at the 4 of us,(we ALL opened  low).. and said...Who was on the top? You're warned...Who was on the bottom...You are GROUNDED!! The reason did not matter...


19)My bucket list contains a camera-safari of santuarys in Africa, multiple areas .I am see many Elephants and other wild animals in their own enviornment. This will make my heart Happy.


20) I came nto this wonderful sport at a time where gear was changing rapidly. Gear was the cause for many deaths and so many riggers were breaking away from military styles.Innovating new designs and techniques that we are using today. 3 ring release system, an AAD that is safe, RSL and canopy transfer cutaways. Pilot chutes that are on the BOC...after so many round canopy jumps the trust in the gear is such a relief.

I love this sport and all the people in it....We are Family. BSBD


21) I am proud to be in multiple groups that makeup todays skydiving arena. POP's. SOS, WSOS.SRA .collecting World records as we go. Can it get any better thn this?? Nope/never.

Catherine Bedell

SCR #15338

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  1. What is your home drop zone?  Skydive San Diego

  2. When did you get into skydiving?  Nearly 14 years ago

  3. Why did you get into skydiving?  It started with a gift certificate for a Tandem skydive in Colorado

  4. Who inspired you to start jumping?  All of the instructors and fun jumpers at Mile-Hi Skydiving in Colorado

  5. Most memorable jump?  All of the Women Big Way RW records in Colorado

  6. If you could jump with anyone you choose who would it be and why?  My dad. He always wanted to do a tandem but passed before we could make it happen.

  7. If you could jump anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?  Over any National Forest. It’s all about the views while under canopy.

  8. What advice would you give to new jumpers?  Slow down. Skydiving isn’t a race. The finish is a place you don’t want to reach.

  9. What is your theme song?  I don’t have one but when I was in AFF I’d play Norah Jones, Come Away with Me. Just trying to lower by heartrate and chill out.

  10. What is the best advise you’ve been given?  To always be a student of the sky. From Tom Riddick

  11. What is your occupation?  Skydiver

  12. What is your best personal or professional accomplishment to date?  Personally, I raised a son who is making great contributions to the world. Professionally, I’ve founded and chaired organizations throughout the US that have provided countless goods and services to underrepresented children and homeless families.

  13. What do you like doing on your spare time?  Row, hike, motorcycles, run, bicycle, paint, shoot, dance.

  14. Are you single?  Recently engaged

  15. If married how does your spouse feel about you skydiving?  My fiancé is also a skydiver

  16. Do you speak a foreign language?  Only enough to find a bathroom in nearly all languages.

  17. What is the most interesting thing that you’ve done or seen?  I’ve managed strip clubs in San Francisco in the late 80s and early 90s. I’ve seen some very, very interesting things.

  18. What was the theme song of your youth and what is your theme song now?  Don’t have one.

  19. What would you like people to remember about you?  N/A

  20. What other sports do you enjoy?  Hike, bike, run, cycle, pickleball, target shooting.

  21. If you were a super hero what would be your super power?  Keeping my mouth shut.

  22. What is your favorite DZ?  Mile-Hi Skydiving and Skydive Oregon and Skydive San Diego

  23. What secret talents do you have?  Pretty good at trapeze, silks and other circus apparatus.

  24. What is the most adventurous thing that you’ve done?  Performed for years in an aerial performance company.

  25. Who is your hero and why?  My fiancé. He has the super power I want. He’s an amazing human and can pretty much do anything.

  26. Who is your hero in the sport and why?  Tom Riddick. He is not only an uber talented flyer but his instruction is impeccable and his attitude is saintly in the face of great adversity.

  27. What skydiving legend would you like to jump with and why?  I’ve jumped with the one’s I wanted to. I’m old, remember.

  28. When did you realize that you wanted to jump out of planes?  Right after the first tandem.

  29. Do you have any pre-jump rituals?  Practice emergency procedures over and over. Pop one Altoid.

  30. What do you consider your skydiving highlight to date?  Every successful Starcrest jump. They are sooooo fun!

  31. What are you most grateful for?   My fiancé and son.

  32. What is the highest altitude you’ve jumped from?  18,000 ft.

  33. What was your craziest jump?  2 way belly with my then boyfriend (now fiancé) over Longmont, CO in 2011. Light was green, we spotted, but at 10K an Allegiant Airline 737 came straight at us, actually SAW US and banked away. We could see the people in the window seats. It was a flash and then over.

  34. Have you had any close calls, what happened? See above!  What motivates you?

  35. The drive to experience life daily for as long as possible.

  36. What does your family think of you skydiving?

  37. N/A

  38. Did you take a break and then start jumping again, if so why and how long?  I took 373 days off for an injury from a bad landing.

  39. What is on your bucket list and how’s your progress?  I still need to drive a race car on a track.

  40. Have you ever been grounded, if so when and why?  Nope.

  41. Have you ever jumped on a round?  Nope.

  42. What are your future goals? Always moving forward and loving life.

  43. How have you paid it forward, if so how? Part of loving life is always paying it forward, no matter what your doing. Find a way to enhance the life of everyone you come in contact with.

  44. What’s the last book you’ve read?  N/A

  45. What are the charities you donate to or serve and why?  I typically donate and serve the charities I’ve founded or work for. I’m passionate about them.

  46. What other countries have you jumped at?  Just the USA

  47. Are or did you serve our country in the military, if so when at what branch?  N/A

  48. Do you have any offspring, do they jump or would they like too?  I tried to get my son to jump. While he’s very adventurous in his personal life and career, he said it’s just not cool if his Mom does it too. Lol.

Greg Melcher

SCR #15288, SCS #8395, VSCR #148


1.  Home DZ.  Skydive San Diego


2.  Occupation. Masonry contractor m-f  , tandem and AFF instructor on weekends


3.   Married-.  Yes.  To a non jumper

4.   She is very supportive of my jumping and goals within the sport


5. Children.    yes. 4.  3 sons 1 daughter. 3 have jumped at least once .   One has no interest but thinks it's cool      that I do.


6.   First jumps. 1987.  25+ years later. Started over.   Now.  A,B,C,D, license.  Coach, AFF and tandem rated


7.  Best advice I've been given.  

      Green light means you "can" go.  Not you "have" to go.    And know your uppers.  



8. Hero  in skydiving?  Not really.  However have had some great mentors and people who have helped me progress.


9.  Skydiving legend I'd like to jump with

   I've been very fortunate to learn from and worked alongside Jay Stokes


10. Achievements in skydiving.   

Setting goals.  Making a timeline and working hard to make them happen.  


11. What motivates me?  Being told I can't do something.    Watch me


12.yes jumped a round.  Once is enough


13.  Theme song.  The Cape - Guy Clark

         Pretty much sums it up


14.  Paying it forward.  Absolutely. Still am

        Became a coach and load organizer.  Learned I enjoy teaching and helping people

Then progressed to AFF and tandems.  It's all a great energy exchange.


15.  What to be remembered for

         Taking the time to help


16.   Next gen challenges.

    Being in a rush. 

Bypassing  the basic skills and history of the sport in a mad dash to downsize, wingsuit, sitfly and make cool videos.   Pump the brakes turbo...  Sky isn't going anywhere.